• This page was created to be used for two webmasters‘ 23-fall university application
  • Site founders: Chris(Li Xuning) and Hunter(Guo Hongjin)

About Satechat:

Satechat is our personal project, which was founded in May, 2022. During the lockdown in Shanghai, China. Our goal was to create a place for teenagers to freely express their feelings, get help from, and communicate with others.

Unlike other social medias in China, we do not require registers' phone number and their personal identifying information. The only information they are asked to provide is an email address ( for reset password and login)

About Founders

Chris and Hunter are the only two founders of Satechat. We are classmate in Adcote School Shanghai.

Chris is more interested in computer science, so his main work are server environment setup, website maintenance and cyber attack protection... etc.

Hunter is good at marketing and publicity. He advertised on the major social media platforms in China and successfully attracted more than 5,000 registered users for Satechat.

Website Overview

As of August 2023, the site has 6,000 registered users and has accrued 100,000+ visitors.

Within more than a year of the site going live, we were hit with over 5 million attacks on traffic. But we managed to defuse the problem and are still going strong!

Satechat's main user groups are high school and college students in China. There are also international student visitors from the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other regions.

Future outlook

The two webmasters hope that through their academic advancement and experience in the university, they can keep running this non-profit social platform and provide it to young people from all over the world.